How much money does Double Glazing save

Double glazing is one of the best ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home and to reduce heat loss from your home. Here we look at the cost savings of typical double glazing installations.

How much can you save a year?

Figures vary on how much you can save per year with savings depending on your heat usage, your energy consumption and the type and energy efficiency of your house.
According to the energy saving trust a typical semi-detached house would save between £75-£100 with B rated double glazing glass installed. With A rated glass installed you could save £85-£110 year.

For a detached home you can save as much as £130 per window for A rated glass and in a flat you could save £50-60 a year.

Of course with energy prices continuing to rise the chances are that savings will continue to increase with time.

Reducing the running costs of your home is one of the primary savings. However, there are a number of other savings and financial benefits worth considering.

Increasing your Home Value

With the government now making double glazing mandatory in all new builds it is clear that most properties in the future will have double glazing. Research from estate agents, and homebuyers reveals that you can increase the value of your home by as much as 10% by installing double glazing on your property. With modern homes UVPC double glazing works fine but on older properties (pre-1930) you will want to install windows that actually fit with the property – particularly using wooden window frames where appropriate.

Environmental Savings

The energy efficiency benefits also include environmental benefits. Double glazing reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 680kgs a year. If all properties would have double glazed windows installed this would resolution in millions of kgs of carbon dioxide saved every year. This is a huge environmental change to help the planet. Further if you fit wooden and glass materials these are environmentally sustainable materials – meaning there is no additional waste created.

Double glazing typically lasts more than 20 years before needing repairs and with the cost savings and additional home value that can be added to your property they can quickly repay the investment costs.

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